The band at Gibson Guitar Studios in london get wowed by the Monster Book!

Kiss came and rocked old London town this month!   First they rocked up at the GIbson Guitar studios in The West End and got down to signing all 1ooo copies of the book for the fans.  Some fans have been taken aback by the price but you have to see this book more like buying a limited edition work of art than just an ordinary book – This is no ordinary book  because it’s from a very unordinary band.


The construction of the book is to be considered in the light of a sculpture using unprecedented methods of binding and hand stitching.  The pictures have been through a rigorous technical process with high res scanning of 35 mm negatives and slides, which have been up scaled more than 40 times and  in repro the colours have been enhanced so the pictures pop of the page.  The printers are using the most up to date and special mixed inks to give a vibrancy to the photographs that have never been seen before. The fans are avid collectors of Kiss memorabilia and the book in its limited run of 1000 copies signed by the band is destined to be a real book collectors treasure and a sound investment. Kiss are not just a band anymore they are a cultural phenomenon –

Paul signs the Monster! Only 999 more to sign!


As Gene said recently –


“Coldplay is a famous band. There are a lot of famous bands. Kiss had become culture, had become iconic. There are holidays [Halloween] when people dress like us. Nobody takes Bono’s face and tattoos it on their ass!”


Kiss Monster News


The KISS Monster book is almost here! KISS got an up close and personal look at a “finished proof” of the massive KISS Monster book last week and were quite impressed. Gene was quoted as saying, “It’s fantastic!” After Paul had his first look he said, 
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  • It's here!..... And it's awesame!
    Susanne Jäger
  • What a production, absolutely top class 


  • "The book is INCREDIBLE !!!! GREAT JOB !!! I almost didn't want to unpeal off the sticker on the paper, so I cut the paper around the sticker and opened it up. Oh my God, that book is AWESOME !! It's like looking through a giant book of posters !! Once again, GREAT JOB"


  • hi there,just wanted to say that i got my monster today!! what a great book! this monster book is everything i was hoping it would be,and then some.thank you kiss for this one of a kind book
    Brad Williams,